Welcome to the Hunt

Why, hello. You've stumbled upon the VT Hunt, a university tradition. It's a tangled string of puzzles and challenges that'll stretch your mind. The path won't be easy, but pride and prizes await those who reach its end. Last year, it had thousands of participants.

So assemble your team, finish your homework, and prepare your bodies: the Hunt starts May 1st. It'll run 'til June; you can start any time. Oh, I suppose you're wondering who we are. We're H.O.K.I.E., the Holistic Organization of Kickass International Espionage. The Hunt's normally run by some secretive student organization, but we neutralized them and took it over. We need help outwitting our rivals - the United Villains Association - and so we're using this Hunt to recruit clever minds. Your mission, if you choose to accept it-- actually, on second thought, you'll find out soon enough.

VT Hunt Rules and Regulations

  1. Keep the Hunt and all H.O.K.I.E. information secret. Only share puzzles, answers, and relevant information within your own team.
  2. Brute force of any kind is not allowed. In these Virtual Times, that includes trying to break the website. You won't need to fish around in the website's innards to find important information. We ask that you be a steward of the Hunt.
  3. If you think that something is broken or mistaken, let us know at vthuntoverseer@gmail.com.
  4. Please do not take any object associated with the hunt.
  5. Each agent should make an account and create or join a team. The maximum size for a team is 10.
  6. Victors may be required to show that they know every solution.
  7. All hints will be public and given on the VT Hunt Facebook and Instagram. We suggest you follow one.

Violators will have their secrets made into puzzles.

So long, and see you at the end.